In the premises where solvent or gas processing is carried out, or where various powders are processed, a spark caused by electrostatic discharge is very dangerous and can lead to major accidents.
The presence of antistatic flooring is vital in such circumstances, allowing users to prevent electrostatic loads during walking. Our company provides high-performance and durable anti-static flooring systems for production rooms with sensitivity to the electrostatic field. In addition to the properties that provide a controlled conduction of electrostatic loads, these floors are easily maintained, which makes them especially advisable for sterile rooms, preventing contamination of the surface.

Safety and cleanliness

The MasterTop 1328 AS anti-static flooring system protects users from electrostatic loads and discharges to be avoided in production areas. As with the other MasterTop systems with liquid application, the resulting surface is perfectly continuous and without joints, with an easy-to-maintain unit appearance. Thanks to its ability to withstand the repeated action of chemical agents, this system benefits from a extended lifespan.

MasterTop 1328 AS – for anti-static flooring systems, polyurethane with excellent chemical resistance.

System features:

  • Polyurethane resin
  • Solid and abrasion resistant
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Antistatic, conform EN 1081
  • Low emissions, according to AGBB requirements
  • Flame retardant Protection class BFL-S1
  • Properties for the accommodation of static cracks


  • Durable Conductor
  • Safe for use in potentially explosive areas
  • Easy surface cleaning without joints for low maintenance expenses

Anti-static flooring system based on epoxy resins, with mechanical strength and high resistance to the action of chemical agents.

ESD-based polyurethane flooring system to prevent electrostatic discharges into sensitive areas; This system meets the requirements