Sustainable solutions, fast application

We offer our customers advantageous solutions for repairing concrete in parking renovations: easy-to-apply mortars on vertical and suspended surfaces, or spray-applied systems and fluid mortars for plan applications Horizontal.

The mortars we use are produced in order to meet the requirements of EN 1504-4 (European standard for repairing concrete), providing a higher degree of workability.

Emaco Repair Systems

1. For protection against corrosion

MasterEmaco P 5000 AP
  • Helps to stop active corrosions by protecting the reinforcement bars;
  • Formulation based on nanotechnology, modified with polymers, for better adhesion on concrete reinforcement;
  • Mix only with water;
  • Multiple uses: As a paste paste, improving fixation with MasterEmaco repair mortars;
  • Colors: Light gray/white-for easy control of the coating surface on the reinforcement.

2. Grip Deck MasterEmaco

MasterEmaco S 5400
  • In most situations, the adhesion decks will not be necessary, being sufficient for the surface to be pre-moistened; If the resistance deck is still required, the MasterEmaco S 5400 can be applied with a 10% higher water addition.

3. Masonry repair

MasterEmaco S 5400
  • Formulation based on nanotechnology, masonry for structural repairs, reinforced with fiber, mono-component, cementous; has high mechanical strength;
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 1504-3 and R4 class;
  • For vertical, horizontal application, intrados, from 5 to 50 mm;
  • It easily self-levels, resulting in a dense and uniform surface.

4. Masonry fixing

MasterEmaco N 5100FC
  • Masonry for non-structural repair, fixing;
  • Reinforced with fiber and modified polymeric;
  • Formulation based on nanotechnology;
  • Rapid hardening properties, which allows rapid recoating;
  • Uniform, compact surface.

Skirting and corner profiles

Master Builders Solutions Systems are designed to protect the flooring of multistage and underground car parks, providing durable and eficient solutions for the system connection with the vertical components, such as supports, walls, dilation joints or canals.