Functionality and unitary appearance

Play and recreational activities, as well as the time spent in the company of loved ones, perform an essential role in the quality of our lives. The peace, the quality free time and a good general state are things we all cherish. For interior designers, keep in mind all this and reunite them in a single design can be a challenge.

For relaxation areas and playgrounds, the range of decorative flooring must respond to a number of specific requirements.The decorative flooring system MasterTop 1327 was produced for this purpose.

The rich variety of colors in which this system can be applied contributes to the unified and harmonious structuring of buildings, while creating a general positiciitive atmosphere. As it is applied in liquid form, this type of flooring has many advantages for users: multilayer structure, homogeneous surface, without joints, allows easy maintenance and varied use.

Comfort, disconnection, play

MasterTop 1327 is the floor system that is at the heart of a friendly and safe recreation space: Ideal for applications where a pleasant touch surface is followed, with attractive decorative motifs and vivid colors. Offering high ironing comfort, this anti-skid surface also features sound-insulating properties, which makes it especially advisable for playgrounds and unconventional reading spaces.

This system meets all durability requirements that allow beneficiaries to enjoy it for as long as possible: MasterTop 1327 has a lifespan of up to 50 years, and can be used under an underfloor heating system .

Its excellent waterproof and anti-skid properties make it suitable for shower cabins or lockers.

MasterTop 1327 – applied monolithic, for comfortable sound-absorbing flooring on the go

System features:

  • Low emissions, according to AgBB requirements;
  • Flame retardant Protection class BFL-S1;
  • Toilet
  • Autonivelant;
  • Reduces the transmission of horizontal noise by 15 – 18 dB;
  • Suitable for floor heating;
  • Non-skid or smooth;
  • Abrasion resistant, suitable for swivel wheels;
  • Durable color;
  • Lifespan of up to 50 years.


  • Variety of individual models;
  • Different color options;
  • Durable and environmentally friendly;
  • Energy absorbent to reduce injury risks;
  • Low life cycle costs;
  • Suitable for spaces with complex shapes;
  • Easy cleaning of surfaces without joints.

MasterTop WS 100 PU – system without joints, for flooring and walls

System features:

  • Smooth, matte surface;
  • Low emissions;
  • Resistant to UV rays;


  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Custom design options;
  • Antibacterial properties and resistance to chemical agents (MasterTop 100 AB);
  • Harmonious and unitary appearance for floors and walls.