Hospital institutions, medical cabinets and polyclinics are spaces where hygiene and cleanliness are vital, and an aseptically environment is a pre-condition for their proper functioning. In such spaces, flooring can make an important contribution to maintaining a clean and safe environment for staff and patients.

The flooring used for such destinations must provide an ideal combination at a functional and aesthetic level: these are the most important requirements to which the MaterTop WS 200 PU System is responsible, a flooring system especially used in the field of Health. Its antibacterial properties remove agents that can endanger the health of users, and the materials used have a high resistance to contact with several hazardous chemical agents. On the other hand, the MasterTop WS 200 PU is formed as a soft touch and elastic surface, which extends on the walls, which they dress by providing a perfectly uniform and harmonious look.

WS 200 PU – for sanitary facilities

System features:

  • Holistic system, with an extension on the walls;
  • Smooth and matte surface;
  • High level of elasticity;
  • Low emission levels;
  • Waterproof
  • High impact resistance;
  • Resistant to UV rays;


  • Choice of custom design;
  • Antibacterial variant prevents the development of bacteria;
  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Resistance to chemical agents.