Anti-slippery flooring for moisture conditions

The flooring from the employees’ kitchen is often subject to small accidents: from little stains of hot coffee to oily food that can fall on it. The flooring of a crowded kitchen is subject to several challenges daily: grease and moisture can be slippery on an inappropriate surface, which is why employees’ kitchen must be as easy as possible to clean, so that users can safely step even if the flooring is wet or slippery.

MasterTop 1221*

MasterTop 1221 is a flooring system based on epoxy resin, with excellent anti-skid properties. This system incorporates sand with quartz in the flooring surface, thus ensuring the adherence necessary for safe walking even in damp and dirt conditions.

Thanks to the many available colours, this type of flooring easily fits into the big picture, contributing to the articulation of a balanced whole. Furthermore, MasterTop 1221 can be applied to create a unitary surface, without joints, and it’s easy to install and maintain.

Quartz flooring – inch-perfect

The quartz usually applies to concrete flooring, ensuring better resistance to mechanical loads and moisture and giving it extra aesthetic value. These durable and resilient quartz floor systems are the perfect option for industrial and commercial spaces.

Properly applied, the epoxy floors with quartz are strong enough to withstand the most demanding conditions. They will not allow dirt to accumulate, nor moisture to penetrate, or otherwise agents to contaminate the surface. The system is easy to decontaminate and maintain, being an ideal solution for many spaces, from recreation rooms, to changing rooms and showers.

Benefits of quartz flooring are many:

  • Very durable
  • Attractive, multicolor design
  • Customizable, in order to accommodate different conditions;
  • Advantageous costs;
  • Very good adherence;
  • Resistance to chemical agents.

MasterTop 1221 – for industrial floors with decorative surface coloured quartz

System Features:

  • Epoxy resin;
  • Decorative quartz sand;
  • Flame retardant Protection class BFL-S1;
  • Easy to clean and decontaminated;
  • Supports heavy loads;
  • Sliding resistant;
  • Variable thickness of the layer;
  • Long lifespan.


  • Decorative surfaces for the structuring and delimitation of premises;
  • Easy cleaning, low maintenance costs;
  • Suitable system for rooms with complex shapes.