The ideal technical solution for the protection of concrete or cement floors against harmful agents is the application of an epoxy flooring. These are particularly useful in large work areas and heavy duty work areas, offering exceptional mechanical strength. At the same time, they make a significant aesthetic contribution to the decorative plan of any area where they are applied.
The option for epoxy flooring is the advantageous and handy solution for masking floor defects, while creating surfaces with a high level of safety and durability. Highly pressure-resistant and easy to maintain as it is, epoxy flooring has many functional and decorative applications.

Obtaining and applying epoxy floors

This type of flooring is made of epoxy resins: these are chemicals whose state of aggregation is typically in liquid form. They are frequently used for sterile and easy-to-clean spaces, and where traffic is intense. As they belong to the liquid flooring category, which is applied by brushing, the epoxy flooring typically forms perfectly flat and level surfaces, without leaving joints behind, uncovered spaces or possible traces of joints. Epoxy floors are often found in medical, food, industrial, or office areas.

High resistance, low maintenance

Since they are easy to maintain, have a great aesthetic appearance and perform excellently in mechanically stressed areas, the epoxy flooring is the winning solution for shops, showrooms, public institutions and airports with particular flooring arrangements.

We are here to provide you with many options of epoxy flooring made out of materials of high-end technologies that we acquire from prestigious suppliers. From industrial flooring to recreational areas, we want to be the the partner and support you need to carry out the implementation of modern working conditions.


Thanks to their properties and characteristics, epoxy flooring have a very wide applicability, depending on the benefits they offer. Applied in liquid form by casting, epoxy floors form surfaces of perfect smoothness, without joints or traces of joints, making them both resilient and look-alike. For these reasons, epoxy flooring is the first option for food and pharmaceutical industries, where maintaining cleanliness in accordance with hygiene standards is essential.

Here at IndustrialFlooring we provide you with the highest quality services: no matter what kind of surface you intend to apply epoxy flooring on, we are able to provide you with all the information and recommendations to make sure you make the best choice.

When it is all about durable and versatile epoxy floors, our company’s specialized products are the your winning, quality-guaranteed solution.

MASTERTOP 1273 – for homogeneous industrial floors

System Features

  • Epoxy resin;
  • Highly resistant to chemical agents;
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and pressure;
  • Flame retardant protection class Bfl- s1;
  • Variable thickness;
  • Smooth or anti-slip;
  • Long life.


  • Hygienic production spaces, without dust accumulation;
  • Surfaces without joints, easy to clean;
  • Suitable for rooms with complex shapes.

MASTERTOP 1785 – floors resistant to pedestrian traffic

System Features:

  • Abrasion resistant;
  • Permeable to water vapor;
  • Flame retardant protection class Bfl-s1;
  • A variety of finishing options with anti-slip properties.


  • Reliable solution for surfaces in contact with soil;
  • versatile use as a finish for walls and floors;
  • The ideal solution for protecting storage rooms.