Despre noi

Who we are

Our company is run by experts in industrial and civil flooring applications: since over a decade we offer quality services for the most diverse flooring applications. We offer efficient and durable technical solutions for a wide range of spaces where daily tasks require the application of a specialized flooring system.

We are constantly connected to the technical developments in our field of activity and we use modern materials in controlled procedures to achieve the best results.

Our company will provide complex and varied systems of industrial floors, epoxy and polyurethane floors, concrete floors or decorative floors, designed to meet the most demanding quality and design requirements.

Through the services we offer, we aim to contribute to the raising of the quality standard in the construction works on the territory of Romania. We treat each project and client individually to discover and apply the most inspired flooring solutions. We have brought together human resources, materials and technology of the highest quality, to raise ourselves to the expectations of our customers.

Our mission


The goal of our business is to provide a solid foundation for industrial and civilian construction at the country level through the services we offer. We approach each project taking into account these values:

  • Quality materials;
  • Qualified personnel;
  • Competitive prices.

Our vision


We want to grow with our partners and customers: we are always up to date with technological developments and one step ahead of our competitors, and we always offer the most advantageous solutions.

  • We are followers of permanent education;
  • We offer ingenious solutions;
  • We are always customer-oriented.

Organisational culture


We value the environment and life: we invest in green technologies that improve and improve the quality of life. We emphasize safety and reliability in every project. We are here to provide you with:

  • Products at a high quality standard;
  • Complete hygienic and durable flooring systems;
  • Correct applications in the shortest time.

Why choose our industrial flooring?



Our flooring systems have properties designed to give surfaces an optimal level of safety for mechanical loads and bio-chemical agents.



We have selected the best advanced materials for industrial applications so that each executed project becomes a quality standard in the field of flooring.


We are able to offer our clients long-term solutions for indoor and outdoor flooring. The floor protections we offer have a high resistance to wear, mechanical and thermal shocks.