Anti-skid flooring for moisture conditions

The food and beverage industry imposes strict hygiene and safety conditions. Especially in open food areas, it is essential that flooring meets International Food Standards (IFS) requirements.

Durable and efficient, Ucrete flooring is the optimum solution for maintaining a proper hygiene level. With a cleaning capacity similar to stainless steel and very good resistance to the action of chemicals and steam, the Ucrete industrial flooring systems for the food industry constitute a safe base for a suitable working environment .

Ucrete TZ-  safe and aesthetic Flooring

Along with safety and functionality issues, food industry flooring can also perform aesthetic functions, thus contributing to a more enjoyable workspace.

The Ucrete TZ flooring is a robust system with pleasant decorative effects, featuring a polished mosaic coating. The Ucrete TZ system can be applied almost without joints, and is also available in antistatic version. Depending on the desired temperature resistance, the thickness of the layer used varies between 9 mm and 12 mm.

Ucrete TZ is the perfect option for industrial kitchens, canters, production and preparation areas, as well as treatment and conservation zones, fish or game processing spaces, refrigerated rooms, washers, distilleries, spaces for Mineral water bottling, etc.

Projects completed:

  1. ALKA — Wafane Factory (Ploiesti Industrial Park)
  2. Sibiu Brewery – Saliste Village
  3. PERIS — Slaughterhouse for transing pig carcasses
  4. LA PROVINCIA — Chicken Factory
  5. ANTREFROST — transary meat deposits Pantelimon

Reliability for high-performance flooring

The larger thickness protects the connecting line with the substrate to cope with the very high pressures exerted by extreme thermal shocks. The connecting layers under the Ucrete flooring are 9 mm and will reach a temperature of 70 °c within 2 minutes from the time of contact of the surface with water at boiling temperature.

However, when the quantity of spilled liquid is reduced, the risks of deterioration also decrease significantly: a cup of coffee that is spilled at a temperature of 90 °c will not be enough to damage a floor with a thickness of 4 mm , while a discharge of 1,000 liters of liquid at 90 °c is more likely to do it.

The Ucrete flooring with a thickness of 9 mm will be very resistant to the usual water leakage at boiling temperature. However, in the areas where thermal shocks are frequent, it is imperative that the flooring has a suitable protective coating. There are also special situations where the possibility of extensive thermal movements of the substrate must be ensured.

Long experience

Because of the significant variations in the quality and design of these substrates, there is a simple test demonstrating that the flooring will withstand strong thermal shocks for many years under production conditions. The performance referenced is based instead on the long experience that Ucrete flooring has in aggressive processing environments around the world for over 40 years.

High resistance to interaction with chemical agents

The Ucrete industrial flooring range offers very good resistance for an extensive spectrum of chemical agents, including organic acids or solvents that can degrade very quickly and other types of resin-based flooring, incl. certain floor coverings Polyurethane cement.

Flooring in the Ucrete range will not be affected by compounds marked with the letter “R” in the table, even after a long immersion period.

Ucrete – advantages of a specialised flooring

The beneficiaries of Ucrete flooring enjoy a long-lasting product that can be installed quickly and covers all the requirements of processing industries. Ucrete Industrial Flooring is a unique series of polyurethane products specially designed to successfully respond to loads of weight.
Ucrete Flooring enjoys unparalleled performance prestige: it is the result of over four decades of experience in the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The advantages of an experienced industrial flooring:

  • Durable: excellent impact and wear resistance. Many ucrete floors of 20 – 30 years old from aggressive environments are still in use.
  • There’s no smell.
  • Do not contaminate: even when applying to food processing areas during production.
  • Fast application and hardening: even at low temperatures. Profiles that can be given in use after only 5 hours at 10 °c are available and are ideal for renovation works.
  • Moisture tolerants: Can be installed on concrete at 7 days after pouring it, without the need for special primers, thus contributing to the observance of the program for the urgent constructions.
  • Heat shock resistance: supports spilled liquids with temperatures up to 150 °c, depending on thickness.
  • Hygiene: It can be cleaned as well as stainless steel and does not favour biological development, thus helping to maintain hygiene standards.
  • Mechanical strength: from strong acids to alkaline substances, fats, oils and solvents that can quickly degrade other types of resins based flooring.
  • Clean and safe: For your employees, your products and medium certified with the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Low emission standard.

Ucrete Flooring-Classification by thickness

4 mm

  • Full resistance up to + 70 °c
  • For freezing temperatures up to – 15 °C
  • Ucrete DP, HPQ, MF, MT, RG

6 mm

  • Full resistance up to + 80 °c
  • Easy Steam Cleaning
  • For freezing temperatures up to – 25 °c
  • Ucrete DP, HF60RT, MT, RG, UD200, UD200SR, TZ

9 mm

  • Full resistance up to + 120 °c
  • Complete Steam Cleaning
  • For freezing temperatures up to – 40 °c
  • Ucrete DP, HF100RT, IF, RG, UD200, UD200SR, TZ

12 mm

  • Full resistance up to + 120 °c
  • Complete Steam Cleaning
  • For freezing temperatures up to – 40 °c
  • Ucrete DP, HF100RT, IF, RG, UD200, UD200SR, TZ