The surface of a car park should accommodate very demanding mechanical, chemical and dynamic loads caused by moving or breaking vehicles: residues, car oil and de-frosting salts cause harmful to the floor. Being both exposed and highly solicited, the safety of parking areas must be a priority for constructors.

The variety of available colors allows for the individualization of parking areas, in order to not create confusion with vehicle positioning and exact location of the parking space.

It is important to use anti-skid protection in ramp areas, since it will greatly reduce the risk of accidents caused by the dead angle and vehicle slip. Different classes of slip resistance will be used in these areas to meet today’s high safety requirements.

Safety and resilience

Our floorings have great elasticity and good wear resistance and are designed to protect parking surfaces under various situations: ultraviolet radiation, rain, snow and ice as well as extreme temperature variations.

A significant advantage that these floorings offer is the thickness of the polyurethane system that is applied for the protection of parking places, which is only a few millimeters thick. It also has a low weight per square meter, which facilitates an easy loading of the concrete structure, thus reducing the consumption of materials.

The anti-skid system for parking floors offers high protection against slipping risks as well as long-lasting protection against wear, mechanical loads, road gravel, discoloration, gasoline, or engine oil.

In ramp areas it is important to use anti-skid protection, which greatly diminishes the risk of accidents caused by the dead angle and the slipping of the vehicle. In these areas, different classes of sliding resistance will be used to meet the present high safety requirements.

  1. Primer – Sets a monolith fixation to the substrate
  2. Waterproofing layer – Synthetic resin, applied in liquid form; determines mechanical properties and accommodates existing cracks.
  3. Coating layer – For fixing the wear layer; increases abrasion resistance and provides chemical resistance, offering many color options.

Long-lasting colors

Our floorings are long-lasting and show a very pleasant chromatic look. These systems are suited for both new works and for repairs to the parking lots, ramps, and have the advantage of being able to be applied in a very short time. Another remarkable advantage is the long lifespan and rich color palette: our systems are extremely versatile, have high mechanical strength, providing crack cure solutions and fast, low-cost parking for a long service life and expense reduced maintenance services.

The variety of available colors allows for the individualization of parking areas, in order not to create confusion with vehicle positioning and exact location of the parking space.

Platforms at or below the ground level need protection against humidity that reaching the underlying structure as a result of ascending humidity or water capillary action.

MasterSeal Traffic 2262 – advanced protection system for parking ramps

System features:

  • Wear-resistant;
  • Highly resistant to chemical agents;
  • Resistance to road gravel;
  • Resistant to petrol, diesel and bio-diesel;


  • Easy to install;
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications;
  • Low maintenance.

Increased resistance

Parking ramps are required regularly and the dead angle can cause accidents. For these reasons, it is essential that ramps have secure anti-skid surfaces.

These systems use thicker layers because the mechanical loads are heavy. MasterSeal Traffic 2262 has been designed to provide a high level of protection for as long as possible. This product comes with various classes of slip resistance, thus fulfilling high safety standards. Once applied, this system is fast-tempered, allowing for the reconstruction of areas with high exposure to effort in the shortest possible time.

MasterSeal Traffic 2263 – flooring to covering cracks on exposed surfaces

System Features:

  • Crack closing properties: Class 3.2, according to EN 1504-02 and DIN V 18026;
  • Uniform surface with anti-skidding properties;
  • Highly wear-resistant;
  • Resistance to road gravel;
  • Long lasting colors;
  • Resistance to petrol, oil, diesel and bio-diesel.


  • High level protection;
  • Variety of colors to demarcate parking areas;
  • Low consumption of materials.
MasterSeal Traffic – for exposed platform car parkings

Most of the time, the top floors of multi-storey car parks are not covered, and as such they are exposed to climatic factors and weathering. Ultraviolet radiation, snow and ice, as well as extreme temperature variations, are also additional stressors.

For such environment, elastomeric, high endurance coating systems have been designed to keep these platforms safe and durable, lengthening their lifespan. MasterSeal Traffic 2263 brings together the elastic properties and long-lasting wear resistance. Thanks to its monolithic structure, this system remains effective even on hard-wearing substrates.

Solvent-free polyurethane membranes will solve the problem of cracks and will provide the platform with increased mechanical strength: these are applied by computer-controlled sprays, so they apply very quickly and take a little time to dry. Finishes can be chosen from a variety of colors.

MasterSeal Traffic 2271 – economic protection for parkings

System Features:

  • Wear resistance;
  • Anti-skidding properties;
  • Resistance to road gravel;
  • Resistant to petrol, diesel, oil, bio-diesel


  • Efficient and Economical Option;
  • Versatile system for a wide range of applications.

No more cracks

Structures at or below ground level need protection against moisture that squeezes in the lower structures as a result of the increase in moisture or capillary action. For these cases, surface protection systems combine with performance primers from a composite chemically designed to be humidifier-resistant. MasterSeal Traffic 2271 is the winning and durable solution for coating the internal surfaces. This product can be adapted to meet individual project requirements.

MasterSeal Traffic 2272- for the economic and fast rehabilitation of parking facilities

System Features:

  • Based on polyurethane-polyaspartic technology;
  • Fast drying at low temperatures;
  • Resistant to wear;
  • Resistant to road gravel;


  • Economic rehabilitation;
  • Applied quickly.

Renovating surfaces in just a few hours

  • In the use of car parks, access roads and connecting routes have an essential role, and when it comes to ramp rehabilitation, time is precious. This is why the MasterSeal Traffic 2272 Quick Release System was developed to carry out ramp maintenance work in the shortest possible time.
  • The three products that make up this system are applied in a very short time: only three hours after application, the surfaces on which they are applied can be rendered to the use with the only requirement to keep the temperature of the structure and the substrate at least 15 degrees Celsius.
  • Upon completion, the system will be resistant to heavy mechanical loads acting on the ramps, with the advantage of high anti-skidding properties.

MasterSeal Traffic Systems – Surface protection

When the investment is to be protected, MasterSeal Traffic systems, dedicated to surface protection and parking ramps, are the winning solution:

  • 2264: For the protection of car parks with high wear; has a built-in elastic waterproofing, for intermediate plates between basements (in the multi-storey basement);
  • 2263: For the protection of uncovered parking spaces (on the outside); has a UV-resistant and frost-resistant protective layer; system fitted with incorporated waterproofing membrane;
  • 2262: for parking and ramp protection, with built-in anti-skid system. This system takes over static cracks and provides high resistance to wear both for the interior and exterior;
  • 2255: for inland parking areas for both tread and ramp areas or spiral ramps with static cracks.

The MasterTop 2273 is also designed to protect single-story basements. This rigid epoxy flooring system is used to protect parking and seal the concrete. It is an easy-to-clean system that does not accumulate dust, susceptible to be used in industrial handling and discharging space, storage areas and production areas.