Exterior surfaces have one thing in common: throughout the year, they face the whims of the weather. Solar radiation, frost, sudden temperature changes, meteorological phenomena with rain or hail, act constantly on exposed surfaces. In addition to atmospheric factors, ground surfaces often take on different mechanical and chemical tasks. For courtyards and sidewalks that require special attention, there are floor systems adapted for exterior requirements.

The MasterSeal elastomeric coating systems offer the longest wear resistance:
MasterSeal Traffic 2263 brings together elasticity with wear resistance: the monolithic bonded structure is performing even on substrates that face heavy traffic. This system based on polyurethane membranes can accommodate any cracks, providing a superior level of mechanical strength; is ideal for the protection of courtyards, sidewalks and other exposed areas.

MasterSeal Traffic 2263 – for homogeneous industrial floors

System Features:

  • Dynamic crack closure properties: Class 3.2, according to EN 1504-02 and DIN V 18026;
  • Uniform, anti-slip surface;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Resistant to road gravel;
  • Stable coloring;
  • Resistant to petrol, oil, diesel, bio-diesel.


  • Designed for exposed surfaces, courtyards, garages, sidewalks;
  • High level of protection for separate membrane structure and wear layer;
  • Reduced weight per square meter.

Visible and sustainable road markings

For roadside flooring, MasterSeal TC is the professional finishing solution: this epoxy-free solvent-free epoxy coating has a low viscosity that becomes a hard and glossy surface, easy to notice and wear-resistant.
MasterSeal TC 373 is often used as the final layer for road and traffic road marking systems, but is suitable for the protection of several types of flooring in combination with the following systems:

  • MasterSeal Traffic 2255 OS 13;
  • MasterSeal Traffic 2262 ;
  • MasterSeal Traffic 2263 OS 11a;
  • MasterSeal Traffic 2264 OS 11b;
  • MasterSeal Traffic 2272 OS 8;
  • MasterTop 1324 R.

Applying the finish

MasterSeal TC 268 is poured over the support layer and is distributed with a smooth rubber squeegee and homogenized with the roller. The cure interval is influenced by ambient temperature and substrate temperature: at low temperatures, chemical reactions slow down, contributing to longer life in the container.

After application, the material must be protected from contact with water for at least 16 hours. MasterSeal TC 268 is available in various chromatic options.

Features and advantages:

  • High wear resistance;
  • Elasticized;
  • Attractive glossy appearance;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Low viscosity;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Resistant to oils, fuels, de-frosting salts.